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Mission statement

What we believe

As Christians, we believe and follow the Bible as the inspired Word of God for us today. The founders of Starbeck Mission put the key aspects of this into our Statement of Faith. This states that we believe in:

  1. The whole Bible as being the fully inspired Word of God, which by the guidance of the Holy Spirit is the final authority for all matters of faith and conduct.

  2. The unity of the Godhead as expressed in the three person; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all divinely co-equal.

  3. The complete depravity of human nature since the fall of man, resulting in the necessity of spiritual rebirth.

  4. The essential Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ; His virgin birth; His sinless life; His substitutionary death for sin; His bodily resurrection and His exaltation to the Throne of God.

  5. The justification, sanctification and redemption of the sinner by faith alone in the atoning work of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. The bodily resurrection of the whole human race; the everlasting bliss of the believer, and the everlasting punishment of the unbeliever.

  7. The personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory.

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