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About us

Starbeck Mission has been a staple in the community since 1886, when it was founded to share the love of Jesus with local railway workers. Over the years, the church has undergone many changes, adapting to meet the needs of each generation. Despite all these changes, the driving force behind Starbeck Mission has always stayed the same - to share the love of Jesus and bring people together in faith. We invite you to join us on our path and share in the love of Jesus.

A little history

Early Years

In 1886, the Honourable Mrs Jones began to work among the railwaymen of Starbeck, sharing the good news of Jesus, and the Starbeck Railway Mission began.

Initially meeting in the waiting room of Starbeck Railway Station, the church soon outgrew this, so alternate premises were sought. This resulted in the use of a converted stable block on Spa Lane.

A Mission Hall

In 1909, Miss M E Phillips donated a plot of land to the church and £700 was raised to start building the Mission Hall on Forest Avenue, completed in 1910. More space was later required for the popular Sunday School and so, on 20th August 1932 the School Hall was opened.

Following the closure of the Starbeck Locomotive Sheds in 1959, the railwaymen left the area and the mission reluctantly cut its ties with the railway, becoming Starbeck Mission as it is today.

Starbeck Mission Today

Starbeck Mission is still going strong today, and still has a mission of telling others about the saving news of Jesus. If you would like to find out more, why not come along to one of our meetings? We would be very glad to see you!

our mission statement

Click the link below to read our Mission Statement, which details what we believe as a church, as well as our missions and goals.

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